G&O Financial provides investment consulting/oversight services in which we work with you and your advisors to improve your investment process.  Our goal is to provide answers to your investment questions/concerns, help you analyze the fee structure, maximize your tax-efficiency, assist with evaluating your advisors' performance, and the selection of advisors when it becomes necessary.

Our services include:


Our firm serves as a true fiduciary, meaning that we will always hold your interests above all else.  When working with your various advisors and investment managers, we represent your interests and sit on your side of the table.


Management fees can include advisory fees, custodial fees, fund fees, trading fees and margin expenses. We can assist you by providing transparency into your overall fee structure so you can make more informed decisions. Not only will we analyze your current management fees, we can compare those fees to industry standards and assist you with management fee negotiation. With great wealth comes great negotiating power. For clients who use margin to borrow against their liquid investment accounts to invest in other investments, our economies of scale allow us to negotiate low margin rates with banks. ​


Our firm knows the questions you should be asking your advisors. If you are considering a new advisor or investment, our firm can assist you with the vetting process. We provide due diligence of the advisor/opportunity which includes detailed analysis of past performance (if applicable), visiting with the managers, negotiating fees, analyzing if the new advisor/opportunity is correlated with your current investments. Investors are often approached by friends or colleagues with investment opportunities. We can serve as a filter with respect to these opportunities.


Our firm can assist you by providing detailed third party performance reporting so that you can make informed decisions about your investment choices. Our performance reports consolidate all of your various brokerage accounts, private investments, annuities and insurance. Many statements provide basic information that may not answer your important questions about your portfolios. How much did I pay in management fees? How did my portfolio perform versus the market? What is my allocation? How do my returns compare to the universe of other investment opportunities? How are fees and taxes affecting my real return? How much risk is being taken to achieve the returns on investment? We provide independent reviews of your advisors/investments that answers these questions and more.


Our firm provides advanced analytics that go beyond simple return measurement. For example, we will review each portfolio to ensure that your composite portfolio is not too concentrated in any investment or asset class. Another example is when you are considering a new private investment or investment advisor, we would review the correlations between the new investment and your current portfolio to see if the new opportunity will improve your overall risk/return metrics and improve your diversification.


If you are invested in private investments, annuities or insurance products, we can assist you in the due diligence process and incorporate those investments into your composite performance reporting so that you can see how these investments affect your overall returns and risk. The most common example of a private investment is real estate. We would assist you in the due diligence process and then incorporate the returns from the investment into a holistic report with your other private investments and liquid investments(bonds/stocks).


We are constantly contacted by investment groups looking to raise money for investment opportunities. We carefully screen these opportunities and then make recommendations to our clients, serving as an investment idea hub for our clients.


For taxable accounts, our firm can work with your advisors to create a tax-efficient portfolio. This includes tax loss harvesting, collecting tax forms (K-1s & 1099s) and working with your accountant throughout the year concerning tax estimates.


In addition to educating our clients with respect to all of the topics listed above, we also offer to educate beneficiaries and trustees as well. We can work with the children, beneficiaries and trustees of your accounts so that they are prepared for unexpected transitions.

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