G&O Financial offers discretionary portfolio management services to families and organizations.


A "fee-only" financial advisor, G&O Financial Services serves as a resource for objective and independent investment advice. Additionally, by leveraging our sister company, Garcia & Ortiz PA, we can enhance the tax efficiency of your portfolio.


G&O Financial Services provides objective investment strategies designed to reach the client’s long-term return, lifestyle and risk objectives.


G&O Financial seeks to manage risk exposure and provide long-term asset appreciation through a diversified portfolio built on a multi-asset, multi-style and multi-manager strategy. Maintaining an extensive network of industry relationships and a willingness to think outside of the box, we are able to uncover compelling investment strategies for our clients.


The relationship with each client is a primary focus of our firm, as we strive to meet and exceed our clients unique goals and objectives. We have years of experience serving the special needs of high-net-worth clients, seamlessly aligning with the client’s CPA, attorney and other advisors to create a plan that integrates all facets of the clients financial situation. Additionally, clients benefit from consolidated reporting, which provides for a true financial snapshot.

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